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Temperature Controlled Hauling

Temperature-Controlled Trailers 

Don Hummer Trucking provides a variety of world-class truck transport solutions to meet your specific needs. We can provide temperature-controlled transport services for your temperature-sensitive freight. Our dedicated trucking professionals provide personalized trucking solutions for transporting perishable goods including:

●    Refrigerated trucking for frozen products
●    Insulated shipping for products that need protection from freezing
●    Climate-controlled shipping for humidity-sensitive products

Image of several Don Hummer Trucking temperature controlled trailers. Image of a Don Hummer Trucking trailer rear.

Sensitive Freight Transportation & Refrigerated Trucking

Our climate-controlled trailers feature aluminum duct floors and collapsible air chutes along the outer walls to make or temperature-controlled trailers as light as possible. This allows us to carry the maximum capacity of freight, making temperature-controlled transportation more affordable to our customers. Our trailers used for sensitive freight are specially designed to conserve space and allow for proper air circulation.
For all temperature-controlled freight, we utilize advanced temperature monitoring and alert systems. This ensures that your freight is always at the right temperature, avoiding any product damage during shipping. These advanced features combined with our expert freight logistics services make us the ideal choice for the safe shipping of sensitive products.
When it comes to refrigerated trucking, these advanced quality-assurance features in all of our reefer trailers guarantee that your freight stays at the proper temperature at all times. Our fleet of professional drivers ensures that we can meet all of your refrigerated transport needs, whenever you need them.

Reliable, On-Time Delivery

On-time delivery, adequate capacity, and product integrity are our top priorities. Not only do we use location tracking technology to track your freight from pickup to delivery, but we also monitor trailer fuel levels and temperatures. If any issues arise, we receive real-time alerts from the trailer so you can be confident about when your freight will arrive!
We maintain regular communication with our professional truck drivers via our mobile communications systems. Don Hummer Trucking can provide shipment data via our web portal, EDI, as well as other automated methods. We believe this is one of the many factors that make us one of the best trucking companies based in Iowa. 
Hummer provides unbeatable temperature-controlled trucking solutions for your climate-controlled needs. Our team of dedicated freight shipping experts provides unparalleled service among Iowa trucking companies.

Don Hummer is your solution for climate-controlled products. We guarantee you’ll love the service you and your freight receive. Call us today at (866) 2-HUMMER. 

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