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Trust Don Hummer Trucking With All Your Dry Freight Needs

Interior image of a Don Hummer Trucking dry van trailer.With 875 53-foot air ride dry van trailers, we have the fleet to move whatever you need, whenever you need it. From retail goods to a vast range of food-grade products, there are very few truckloads that our freight transportation services can’t handle. Our trailers have clean, white-painted interiors and are equipped with logistics posts for cargo

All dry van trailers are equipped with aerodynamic devices and low rolling resistance tires to keep your freight secure. Our transportation solutions are fully compliant with all CARB regulations. All trailers are equipped with air ride suspensions and maintained in food-grade conditions. As a highly experienced trucking company, you can rely on our logistics services to get your freight safely to its destination.

Trailers are regularly serviced to ensure trucking equipment is in optimal mechanical condition. We make sure your freight delivers on time and without unnecessary complications. We use Omnitracs mobile communications equipment for messaging and operational information. All tractors are trackable through our dispatch software, enabling us to pinpoint the exact location of any load.

As a full-service transport company, we offer drop trailers at both shippers and consignees for customer convenience. When it comes to shipping companies, Don
Hummer Trucking offers industry-leading reliability, customer service, and safety.

When Should You Use Dry Van Services?

Dry van is the most commonly used type of over-the-road. Dry van shipping is ideal for moving any non-perishable items including (but not limited to):

  • Retail products such as electronics, furniture, clothing, and fabrics
  • Packaged consumer goods
  • Building materials
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Raw materials
  • Non-perishable food and beverages
  • Most non-temperature-sensitive goods

To learn more about our dry van shipping services, Call us Toll-Free today at (866) 2-HUMMER. We know you will be satisfied with how you and your freight are treated.

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