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Value Added Truckload

Our Value-Added services offer dedicated truckload services through customized solutions which can be tailored to each customer’s unique specific challenges. With specialized equipment, dedicated fleets, and/or private fleet conversion, we utilize our network which has been strategically designed to maximize driver productivity to meet your freight needs.

As a Midwest-based truckload carrier providing nationwide services, we set ourselves apart from other freight transport companies. We are large enough to handle freight to and from every state, but we are also small enough to value your freight as much as you.

Why Trust Don Hummer Trucking?

  • We take pride in providing excellent service to you. This is why our dedicated solutions services are of extreme importance. We deliver your freight safely and on time. 
  • Your products are protected. Our 53’ swing door trailers maximum cargo space and are air-ride equipped to protect your freight.
  • We’re a trusted transportation partner for some of the nation’s largest shippers.
  • All of our tractors and trailer utilize some of the most up-to-date technology.
  • Our Drivers operate some of the best equipment in the industry.


Call us Toll-Free today at (866) 2-HUMMER. We know you'll like the personalized service we can offer.

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