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Supporting Drivers Through Experience

April 16, 2020

Supporting Drivers Through Experience


Frequent hand washing and social distancing are the two primary recommendations to guard against COVID-19. Due to the nature of the job, social distancing is somewhat normal for many truck drivers, but regular access to proper hand washing facilities can be a challenge. 

When David Boughton, Homestead Terminal Manager, was thinking of ways to better support our drivers, he remembered how he solved a similar problem when he was driving and had a need for frequent handwashing after working on equipment or loading/unloading livestock. 

David’s solution back then was to carry his own water, soap and paper towels. To carry water, he used a new clean plastic gas container which allowed him to carry several gallons of water. It was also easy to fill, easy to carry and was the ideal size to fit in the side box of his truck. The vent opening served as the “faucet” and water flow was controlled by loosening the larger cap. This setup allowed David to wash his hands even when access to hand washing facilities was not available.  

Plastic gas cans are a difficult to find due to safety regulations, but the general concept still works. A variety of suitable containers can be used for this purpose, such as camping water containers, insulated water jugs, or industrial containers with spigots. Any container purchased at big box retailers, farm stores, home improvement stores or outdoor recreation retailers will work as long as meets the following criteria: 

  • Made of durable material, preferably plastic
  • Has a handle for easy carrying 
  • Fits in the side box 
  • Holds 2-5 gallons 
  • Easy to refill
  • Has a spout, spigot, or a suitable opening 

This solution provides an alternative to using hand sanitizer alone. It also allows you to practice social distancing by avoiding public wash facilities to keep your hands clean. We are making these handwashing kits available to our drivers and can be picked up at any of our three terminals.


Image of a Don Hummer driver holding water jug in the truck's side box.Image of a water jug available for truck drivers to wash their hands.Image of a water jug, soap, and towels in the semi truck side box.


For CDC Guidelines on effective handwashing, visit:

How to Wash Your Hands by the CDC 

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