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Don Hummer Trucking Named to FourKites Premier Carrier List

August 4, 2023

Don Hummer Trucking Named to FourKites Premier Carrier List


We are pleased to announce that Don Hummer Trucking has recently been named to the FourKites Premier Carrier List (PCL), a distinction that highlights our commitment to excellence, exceptional customer service, and professionalism. This honor from FourKites, Inc., a leading logistics technology company, solidifies our position among the highest-performing carriers in the FourKites network.

Our dedication to embracing technology to enhance our logistics operations has been a driving force behind our success. Our partnership with FourKites, Inc., a logistics technology company based in Chicago, Illinois, has enabled us to leverage real-time tracking and visibility solutions. This has streamlined and optimized our supply chain management processes, providing us with invaluable insights into the location, condition, and progress of shipments as they traverse the country. With real-time visibility, we can proactively address potential disruptions, ensure on-time deliveries, and maintain open lines of communication with all of our valued customers.

Being recognized on the FourKites Premier Carrier List (PCL) is a significant accomplishment for us. This accolade is bestowed upon carriers and brokers who consistently exemplify exceptional performance, transparency, and operational efficiency within the FourKites network.

Our commitment to innovation and growth has been the cornerstone of our journey towards excellence. By embracing partnerships with FourKites and other cutting-edge technologies, we have remained at the forefront of industry advancements. This recent recognition on the FourKites Premier Carrier List serves as a testament to our exceptional performance, dedication to outstanding customer service, and commitment to delivering value through innovation.

Our success is a result of the collective efforts of our proficient team, the support of our customers, and the synergy established with FourKites. This recognition from FourKites is another proud milestone for us, further inspiring Don Hummer Trucking to celebrate numerous achievements in the years ahead. We remain deeply committed to the highest standards of service and building lasting relationships.

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