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Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Posted on May 23, 2024 at 8:34 AM by Mandi Carver

Water & Hydration – the overlooked benefits


Reminders to drink water are everywhere, these days there are even phone apps geared around drinking enough water daily and staying hydrated. Weight management is one of the rewards to hydration that is often promoted, however some of the lesser-known effects of hydration can be even more impactful to overall well-being. 


Dehydration has been linked to reduced cognitive and motor skills, it can negatively affect your memory and mood in addition to increasing sensitivity to pain. Studies published by the National Institute of Health conclude that not maintaining hydration, even by as little as 2%, can reduce performance in tasks that require focus, attention, assessment, and action. Ultimately, dehydration can be a real drag to your physical and mental health.


Realizing major health improvements usually comes at the hands of significant lifestyle changes in eating and activity, on the reverse a relatively small change in water intake can prove big results. Absorbing more nutrients and flushing more toxins, improving joint and back pain, and boosting your immune system can stem from maintaining hydration. 


The systems of the body are set up to flush toxins, but sometimes the systems can be overloaded when consumed in excess (like too many holiday treats and celebrations). Water helps maintain the “flow” of toxins out of the body, when there isn’t enough water to keep the flow – toxins can become “stuck” in the system. Hydration also keeps the flow of blood and plasma regulated throughout the body, reducing the risk of heart disease.


Water also provides great lubrication and not just quenching thirst. The discs in the spine that support back vertebrae are composed primarily of collagen and water. Dehydration can prevent these discs from absorbing shock on the spine resulting in back pain. 


The positive results on health can have a ripple effect just by making regular water intake a priority daily. A foundation in hydration lays the groundwork to long term health and wellness success.



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