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Navigating the Dangers of Black Ice

Posted on February 20, 2024 at 9:01 AM by Blog Committee

Navigating the Dangers of Black Ice

As the calendar turns and we inch closer to the warmer months, it might seem like the perilous days of winter are behind us. However, there's a threat we still need to be conscious of: black ice. This nearly invisible ice forms during the freeze-melt-refreeze cycle, a common occurrence when daytime temperatures rise only to plummet after sunset. Black ice is treacherous because it often looks like a simple wet patch but is, in fact, a slick, thin layer of ice that can lead to severe slips and falls.

Recognizing and Avoiding Black Ice

Understanding where black ice is likely to form and taking steps to avoid it can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. Here are key tips to keep in mind:


Common Areas for Black Ice Formation

  • Watch out for areas around buildings, especially those that are shaded or receive little sunlight.
  • Areas around downspouts and parking lot drains are prone to black ice due to dripping water that freezes overnight.
  • Black ice can also form in the spaces between vehicles in parking lots, as they are often shaded and trap moisture.

Monitoring Outside Temperatures

  • Stay vigilant during periods of temperature fluctuation, especially when the thermometer dips below freezing after a warmer day. These are prime conditions for black ice to form.
  • Pay extra attention to patches that appear wet but are located in shaded or dark areas, as these are likely candidates for black ice.

Preventative Measures with Salt

  • One of the most effective ways to combat black ice is with liberal application of salt or other ice-melting substances. Salting walkways, parking lots, and other common areas can prevent the formation of black ice or help melt it quickly when it does form.


The presence of black ice is a significant hazard that doesn't just disappear with the worst of winter weather. As we transition from winter to spring, the conditions for black ice become even more prevalent, necessitating increased vigilance and preventive measures. By understanding where black ice is likely to form, monitoring the conditions that lead to its creation, and taking proactive steps like salting affected areas, we can all move more safely through the tail end of the cold season. Stay alert, stay informed, and ensure your walkways are treated to prevent the dangers posed by black ice.


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