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Drive Weather: A Weather App for Professional Drivers

Posted on May 24, 2022 at 11:11 AM by Blog Committee

Drive Weather: A Weather App For Truck Drivers


Truck drivers are always thinking ahead – the cities they’ll be traveling through, how the time of day affects traffic, hours of service (HOS), delivery times, fueling stops, and weather. It’s not unheard of for a truck driver to encounter all four seasons in a matter of days when driving across the United States. Weather changes fast and predicting those changes with accuracy is a common challenge.


According to a May 2022 article in FreightWaves, Drive Weather is a mobile app which was initially developed for pilots. Users enter their destination(s), select the route, and the app updates weather predictions for the times when the driver will be passing through the specified areas to reach their destination. Collecting weather reports and conditions from a mirid of weather stations to provide accurate, timely information when drivers need it most.


While the Drive Weather app is useful throughout the year, it is especially useful at predicting wind events and severe storms during early Summer. The functionality of this weather app can help truckers make safe, informed a decisions regarding routes and drive times.


Safety is a core value at Don Hummer Trucking. We believe it’s important to give our professional drivers the tools they need to stay informed and make the safest decisions. That is why we encourage our truck drivers to use the Drive Weather application by reimbursing their annual subscription costs. The Drive Weather app is available for download at the App Store or Google Play.


Stay safe out there!

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