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Setting Up Your Yearly Exams

Posted on February 28, 2022 at 3:12 PM by Blog Committee

Annual Health Exams - Don Hummer Trucking

Setting Up Your Yearly Exams


One of the most important healthy habits for staying safe while on the road is scheduling your annual health exams. These exams can include your annual physical, and regular check ups with a dentist and eye doctor. Scheduling these appointments at the beginning of the year will allow you to prioritize your wellness and become more empowered in your health decisions.


  1. Your Annual Physical is different from your DOT Physical and is performed by your primary care physicianwho is generally not your qualified DOT medical examiner. The cost of yearly physicals are completely covered by most health insurance plans. Some of the things your doctor will do during your physical include:
  • Perform routine health checks
  • Discuss health concerns/questions you may have 
  • Address your current medications
  • Update vaccinations if needed 
  • Discuss preventative screenings and your family and medical history. 
  1. Dental Health is tied to Heart Health. Scheduling a bi-annual appointment with your dentist allows them clean your teeth, check for cavities and tooth decay, while examining your risk for oral cancer and gum health. 
  2. Given life on the road, your eyes are incredibly important to remaining safe. Changes to our vision happen slowly and often you may not notice these changes while they are happening. Scheduling your annual eye exam will allow you to be checked for these changes, especially if you have an existing prescription. 


It only takes a few minutes to call your primary care doctors and set up these critical exams. Once you have your appointments set up, you'll want to communicate with your Driver Managers to be sure you get home for the exams. If you have questions about your specific medical benefits, you should contact your Human Resources department. Don Hummer Trucking employees can review details of their plans at our Benefits Portal Page.

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