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National Student Athlete Day

Posted on 04/05/2019 at 02:23 PM by Blog Committee

April 6th is National Student Athlete Day


Being a student athlete can be one of the most exciting times of a student's life. Whether current or past, the memories made with friends and the lessons learned with teammates will last forever. Valuable skills such as communication, leadership, and time management can be applied to so many situations in everyday life. Student athletes also face numerous challenges throughout the year. They must learn to balance extracurricular activities with school, work, and many other activities, all at a young age

As recognition of the hard work student athletes endure, April 6 is National Student Athlete Day. For our nod to student athletes, here’s a look at some of our current and past student athletes from Don Hummer Trucking families. 


Image of college football players Chris and Andrew Hummer.

Chris Hummer (L) and Andrew Hummer (R)


Image of athlete Alexis, company driver daughter, posing.

Alexis, daughter of Mike [Company Driver]


Image of athlete Shane, company driver son, ready for football.

Shane, son of Mike [Company Driver]


Image of company driver Mike in junior high school.

Mike [Company Driver] in Junior High School


Image of Bentley, grandson of company drivers, at baseball.

Bentley, grandson of Tim and Cindy [Company Drivers]


Image of Grant, son of driver, playing basketball.

Grant, son of April [Driver Manager]


High school photo of director of operations Kirk.

Kirk [Director of Operations] in High School


Image of customer service employee mike winning state wrestling.

Mike [Customer Service] winning state wrestling title


Image of Allie, daughter of Andrea, playing little league.

Allie, daughter of Andrea [Recruiting]


Image of Andrea and her little league baseball team.

Andrea [Recruiting] and her Little League Baseball team


Image of Dena's two sons Jared and Taylor playing football.

Jared (L) and Taylor (R), sons of Dena [Director of HR]


Image of driver manager Jazmine playing soccer.

Jazmine [Driver Manager]


Image of Faith's daughter Hayden playing softball.

Hayden, daughter of Faith in Customer Service


Image of Jake's son Jack playing baseball.

Jack, son of Jake [Road Breakdown]




Written by Kailey Kaestner

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