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National Cereal Day

Posted on 03/07/2019 at 09:08 AM by Blog Committee

Today is National Cereal Day! 


Image of a bowl of cereal and spoon for national cereal day.

Cereal is the most popular breakfast food in America. According to the National Cereal Day website, breakfast cereal was invented because of the poor diets of Americans in the mid-1800s. In the beginning, cereal was mostly made of dense bran nuggets, it was so hard that it had to be soaked overnight in order to make it easier to digest. In addition to being difficult to eat, it was also incredibly bland.

In 1939 cereal began to be seen as less of a health food due to the addition of sugar… and marketing. Radio and TV advertising helped to give cereal a boost in popularity. Cartoon characters began appearing on cereal boxes, many of which appeared cartoons and stories.

My love of cereal began as a kid and it continues to be one of my favorite foods. Today there is no shortage of variety when you walk down the cereal aisle! We are faced with the decision of which brand to purchase; something new or an old favorite? My personal favorite is Coco Pebbles and it’s safe to say an open box won’t last a day in my house. 

Regardless of your favorite, pour yourself a big bowl and celebrate National Cereal Day!


Written by Angie Walters

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