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Traditions and Resolutions

Posted on 12/31/2018 at 10:23 AM by Blog Committee

Holiday Traditions and New Year's Resolutions


Image of Santa in a sleigh with horses.

We have been going to my mother’s house for Christmas eve as long as I can remember. We started a tradition 10 or so years ago which we affectionately call ‘Twas’.

We begin with everyone holding a small gift while someone reads Twas the Night Before Christmas. Everyone passes their gift to the person on the right every time the word ‘THE’ is read. Whenever ‘A’ is read in the story, everyone passes the gift they are holding to the person on their left. At the end of the story, you open the gift you are holding.

It gets a little crazy at times and is usually worth quite a few laughs. The kids and grandkids love it and the adults even get a kick out of it.

- Roger Rathjen



My youngest daughter started a tradition of a gift exchange in which the gifts have to be homemade! It has been fun to see what each person comes up with — some of the gifts have been food, artwork, ornaments, and decorations. 

- Leslie Schnebbe



I have the standard New Year’s goal of “get in shape while you still can.” 

- Jen Casebolt  (Click HERE for tips on setting goals for your New Year’s Resolution)



Image of holiday decorated cookies.

My favorite holiday family tradition is going to my aunt’s house every year to decorate cookies. When my cousins and I were younger, we would always have a sleepover at her house and go to look at Christmas lights and watch the movie Prancer. Now that we’re all older, we get together on the morning of our family Christmas to have drinks and decorate cookies. Cookie decorating has become very competitive over the year!

- Janie Goss



One of our family traditions is going out for sushi on Christmas Day.

My New Year’s goal for 2019 is to compete in at least one 5K/10K race in the Iowa Trail Run Series.

- Troy Cummings



Every year, around Christmas, I enjoy spending time with family and friends as we drive around looking at Christmas lights.

- Ryan Spratt



My favorite family tradition is when my mom’s family sits down after Christmas dinner and listens to someone read the Nativity of Jesus. Then we sing Happy Birthday and eat cake. I also love when we pass my late grandmother’s blanket to the next grandchild in the family.

A few of my goals for the New Year include reading four books for fun/leisure and completing a sprint triathlon.

- Kailey Kaestner



Image of a Christmas tree with ornaments.

One of my favorite traditions is taking my son to pick out our Christmas tree every year.

I also have a yearly New Year’s tradition of hosting a House Boat party. In case you’re wondering, yes the ice is thick enough to support all the guests — it's even thick enough to light a campfire.

- Jake Brummer

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