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Introducing Our New Pet Policy

Posted on September 26, 2018 at 2:17 PM by Troy Cummings

Sad dog looking upPaw-sitively Excited!


There is nothing better than sharing an experience with your best friend, right? You've probably even wanted to share a moment with your friend while out on the road. Then you will be glad to know that now your furry best friend can ride along with you! As of August 27th, 2018, Don Hummer Trucking has a pet policy!


Since implementing the policy, I have been looking into the benefits of having a pet policy. I am sure that some of you will think these benefits seem far “fetched” (pun intended), but they might be a few huge benefits to you and they might help you while you are out on the road. 

Here are some reasons drivers could consider dog ownership:

  • Dogs like routine. Having a dog could potentially help you stay on a more consistent schedule. This might benefit you while driving through different time zones and experiencing the change in seasons. 
  • Dogs help you get more exercise. Although we only allow dogs under 40lbs, they still need to be walked, need to play outside, and will need to do their doggy business. This would encourage you will have to get out of the truck more, move around and stretch, and get some fresh air!
  • Finally, they make you feel happy and loved! A dog can provide unmatched companionship. They will be there for you during stressful situations or if you are feeling lonely. A dog will be there for you no matter what!


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Written by Kailey Kaestner

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