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Crazy 4-H life

Posted on 07/23/2018 at 03:48 PM by Dena Boelter

My daughter, Hope, joined 4-H several years ago. One thing led to another we eventually ended up with a bottle lamb named Bob (pronounced baaahb). He was such a friendly sheep that we would take him to National Night Out so the kids could pet him. Hope ended up winning best in class with him at our county fair, but as with most 4-H animals, he had to go. 

Well, one was easy so what would she do next? Two bottle lambs and a bottle calf. That was when she decided to use a theme in naming her animals; enter Betsy Ross, Abigail Adams, and Theodor Roosevelt. Betsy and Abby took first and second place in the bottle lamb category and Teddy took first place in the Bottle calf division at our county fair. Not a bad year at all. We kept all three for Bucket Bottle class and to breed the lambs. She fed them and worked with them throughout the year and loved them as pets. Unfortunately, Abby got pneumonia and died.

While volunteering at the state fair, my daughter was helping a very friendly woman who told her to come help with her animals at any time. Later that week Hope took us down to the sheep barn and brought out a llama out of the stall. We went to the llama show and llama limbo. Yes, I said llama limbo, they will go under a bar, even getting on their knees to go under the bar! Long story short, our little 4-H funny farm now consists of three llamas, two cows and a bottle calf, two hair sheep, four baby doll sheep, a rabbit and two dogs.


Other than showing the animals at fairs, they have quite busy lives. We take them to events such as National Night Out and also take them to the nursing homes. All the residents love petting and interacting with them, but it’s the farmers and farmers wives who love it the most. They tell of the days gone by when they were raising bottle babies. The best part is hearing their stories of life on the farm and just watching their eyes light up.













Written by Doug de Regnier

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