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Posted on June 13, 2018 at 4:20 PM by Blog Committee

Trucker Buddy: Walcott, IA


I meet up with my Trucker Buddy class from the Walcott Elementary School at the world largest truckstop, Iowa 80, in Walcott Iowa. 16 students from Mrs. Wise's 4th-grade class were able to attend. When we arrived, Liz Burns from the Iowa 80 was there to greet us as our personal tour guide for the day. We began the tour at the trucking museum where the class learned about the history of the trucking industry and got to see exhibits of historical trucks.


After the tour of the museum, we all loaded in the school bus and drove onto the Cat Scale where and weighed just over 20,000 lbs. We then visited the main building and to see all the services available to truckers. After lunch, we went to my truck where the class was able to get an up-close look and ask questions. It was a fun day teaching the children about trucking. And yes, they got to hear the air horn!









Written by Matthew Slovack

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