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India Mission Trip

Posted on 05/22/2018 at 10:55 AM by Blog Committee

April 2018 India Mission Trip


Not many people know this, but my wife, Jenn, and I are Christian missionaries to the nation of India. We recently returned from what was my fourth trip and my wife’s third trip to India. We support the Grace Christian Ministry (GCM) in the southern Indian state of Kerala, which means “land of coconuts” in the local language of Malayalam. GCM consists of a Bible College, over thirty churches in Kerala, one in Chhattisgarh, seven in Odisha, one in Bihar which are shown on the map.


Last October we spent a month in India visiting many of the churches in Kerala. We were able to meet the majority of the pastors and their congregations. This past April we had a chance to meet them again, which is always a humbling experience. Over the years, we have built a bond with them and can relate to how the Apostle Paul would have felt when he had the chance to be with his Christian brothers and sisters after an extended period of separation. Lord willing, we will be returning to India every April and October.












Written by Freddie Jones

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