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Cinco de Mayo

Posted on 05/04/2018 at 04:22 PM by Dena Boelter


Cinco de Mayo is celebrated every year on May 5th. It is not to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, but rather a celebration of the victory of an 1862 battle fought in the city of Puebla in which the Mexican forces  defeated the better trained French military force.


There are various Cinco de Mayo traditions that are celebrated around the world. In Mexico, most of the celebrations take place in the actual city of Puebla. The celebrate with parades, vendors selling traditional Mexican foods, and sometimes have a reenactment of the battle. 


In the United States in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston, large festivals are held with Mexican food and drinks, mariachi music, and piñatas.  Many throw Cinco de Mayo parties with friends and family featuring food and drinks. 

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Written by Angie Walters

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