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Posted on 02/04/2018 at 12:00 AM by Dena Boelter

Super Bowl LII

Being born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania, I was predestined to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan. My dad worked very long hours six days a week but Sundays were reserved for church, family, and football (in that order). I remember as a six-year old sitting next to him watching the Eagles and learning football fundamentals. I distinctly recall asking him what a “rookie” was because the announcers were excited about a rising star and continued to use that term. 

Many years later and following a relocation to the Midwest, my love for the Philadelphia Eagles has followed me.  Unfortunately, there are more Packers and Vikings games on in this region but a few times a year I still can watch my beloved Eagles. This season was a very exciting time to be a Philly fan. 

However, more importantly this year has reinforced the idea that football is about friends and family. Spending time with those we love while debating poor officiating decisions, questioning why most commercials are for yet another cell phone plan, and second-guessing coaching decisions is what the game should be about. Football should not be about politics and division. Football, no matter your team of choice, is about friends and family. And today it is about an under-dog team who is, for now at least, the top dog! 


Written by Dena Boelter

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