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Welcome New Employee, Ryan

Posted on 01/09/2018 at 02:24 PM by Blog Committee

Welcome to Don Hummer Trucking

Ryan Spratt is our newest employee in Recruiting and Retention at Don Hummer Trucking. We asked him to answer a few questions so everyone could get to know him better.


What do you like most about your job so far?

Everybody that I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with is very down to earth; asking if they can help with anything or if I have any questions. I’ve never experienced such a great family culture with any company I’ve ever worked for. I am always excited to show up everyday and give it my all.


What sports or activities do you most enjoy doing or watching?

I’m a diehard Iowa Hawkeyes Fan, no matter what the sport is. Golf is truly a passion of mine and I would be lost if I wasn’t able to play. I’ve taken multiple trips solely around being able to play golf at new courses. Once the snow hits you can find me glued to the screen watching the PGA Tour and the NFL.


What is your favorite restaurant or food?

My go-to staple would have to be Steak & Potatoes. I’ve had the pleasure of living in other parts of the country, and nothing compares to a good ol' steak from the Midwest.


What is one of your favorite family traditions?

When I was young and living in eastern Iowa, my grandma and I had a yearly tradition of going to look at the Christmas lights. She lived in Williamsburg and would explain whose house we were in front of and how she knew them. Even though she passed away over a decade ago, I still honor our tradition by going to look at Christmas lights. It always brings back such great memories.



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