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For Every Reason To Join [VIDEO]

Posted on August 9, 2017 at 3:46 PM by Blog Committee

For every reason to join Don Hummer Trucking, there are two reasons to stay.

That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? I could turn it into a marketing slogan and just compile a list of all the reasons why I think our drivers stay. I could put together a high-end video … maybe something with dragons. Oh, and lasers! Hmmmm, what’s trending right now?

But if I did that, we would miss the real reasons why drivers come to Don Hummer Trucking and stay. So, in the end, we let the drivers themselves tell us in their own words. Maybe I’ll revisit the laser dragons at a later date.

What are your reasons?



Content by Troy Cummings, Marketing Project Coordinator

Video by De Novo Alternative Marketing

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