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My story of joining Don Hummer Trucking

Posted on 07/31/2017 at 10:57 AM by Blog Committee

I have been at Hummer for 4 years. When Dena congratulated me on my anniversary, I had a flashback to the day I interviewed for more than one reason! On the day Dena interviewed me for the Driver Manager position, I was working at a different trucking company in Cedar Rapids and didn’t have much time for an interview. Dena agreed to accommodate my schedule and met with me after work at a nearby Panera. The interview went well (obviously) and I was a happy camper and headed home to Coralville. Once I got home, I realized NO CHECKBOOK! All of my cash, checks, cards and photos were GONE! I frantically searched for my car but it wasn’t there. I realized I must have dropped it in Panera and gave them a call hoping someone had found it and turned it in. It turns out that someone had found my checkbook and gave it to the staff. They said they'd hold on to it and I could stop in to pick it up anytime. I went back the next morning and they had my checkbook, cash and all! I was very thankful and it made for a very memorable day!

Thank you, Dena and Panera!


Story by Ron Goodwin, Driver Manager

Photo by Andrea Prymek

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