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Mother's Day Memories and Traditions

Posted on 05/10/2017 at 12:00 AM by Dena Boelter

In honor of Mother's Day, we have requested others in the office to share their favorite traditions or memories of their mother.  Enjoy these contributions while you reminisce about your memories of your own mother and her influence in your life:


Mother’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I am very fortunate to have a close and wonderful relationship with my mom. I can’t say that she enjoyed every minute of my teenage years, but we made it through.  Our Mother’s Day tradition consists of gathering for a family BBQ. Nothing fancy, just some quality family time. If the weather is nice, we usually go hunting for morel mushrooms in the morning. It’s always fun to be able to add our findings to the feast. My grandma fries up the tasty fungi in flour and butter and they are best served hot!  - Akeyla


I go to my Mom’s marker each May 20th. – Greg 


We don’t have any traditions other than when we get together we tend to talk in accents…usually British but sometimes we get to be southern….we’re an odd couple. Maybe don’t post that…LOLLL  – Andrea 


When I was 5 we had a big Mother’s Day celebration at my grandparents’ house. We have a huge family so all of the kids/grandkids ran across the pasture to my dad’s and were playing on the swing set. I fell off the rope ladder and broke my elbow. My poor mother had to take me to the ER on Mother’s Day! I had surgery and pins put in and wore a cast forever. Every year when I ask what she wants for Mother’s Day she says “For you not to break anything!” – Sadie 


It was the summer of 1986.  Many of my friends had skateboards; therefore, I needed one.  No money and no way to make money was the only thing holding me back from my dreams of learning to skateboard.  However, my creativity was abundant.  I had a pair of roller skates that were too small.  I removed the wheel mechanism from the boot portion of the skates, found a discarded barn board that was about 1” x 6”, and fastened it to the wheel mechanism from the too-small skates.  I had my skateboard!  I, of course, tried the maiden voyage on a hill because faster is always better! 

As my mom helped me disinfect and wrap my wounds, she broke the sad news that while she was proud of my ingenuity, my skateboard solution was a dangerous one.  I still remember that feeling as she confiscated my invention.  I also remember the feeling when 6 months later, on Christmas morning, I opened a brand new, store-bought skateboard.  It was green and black and so fancy! 

Kudos to my mom who taught me many lessons in this and many other situations.  I am convinced that one doesn’t appreciate the sacrifices and love of a mother until time and life experience allows you to appreciate their value. - Dena 


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