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108 Years (And Counting?)

Posted on 10/03/2016 at 01:31 PM by Dena Boelter

One of the most amazing feelings for a major league baseball fan is knowing that your team is playing in October and could make it to the World Series. 


I am 58 years old and my team, the Chicago Cubs, has never progressed so far in my lifetime, in any season. The last time they made it to the World Series was 1945, but they didn't win. Their last win was in 1908, 108 years ago. No other baseball franchise has had such bad luck. But this year, we’ve got a chance! 


I love baseball. It's a unique game - no time limits, no periods or quarters, and no timeouts. It can be so unpredictable. The game can go on for 9 innings or for 20; for 2 hours or for 6, depending on the score and all the runs, hits, outs, errors, pitches, etc. A team can be down several runs with only one out remaining, and can still win. There is always hope for a baseball fan. 


The love of the game bonds families and fans. Admittedly, Cubs fans may have a bond of commiseration, but it is real. This year we took our 5-year-old granddaughter to a game at Wrigley Field, as my parents took me at her age. It made an impression, a memory, and a bond with us and the Cubs. We may pass on, but the Cubs will be a living reminder to her of her grandparents and the joy we shared at Wrigley. 


As October baseball begins, I am on edge, but oh so optimistic, that the Cubs will be playing and win the last game of the season.  I will laugh, cry, and realize dreams do come true. 



Go Cubs!!


Lynette Heisel, Team Driver

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