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A New Kind of Fitness Band

Posted on 09/26/2016 at 03:39 PM by Dena Boelter

A New Kind of Fitness Band

Most of us are familiar with the fitness band craze of the past few years. Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, and Misfit are just some of the many fitness trackers that have become incredibly popular.

Many of these bands are very useful, and are able to track things like steps per day, calories burned, and even sleep time and heart rate. Information tracked allows the band wearer to work on improving or maintaining healthy activity levels, a high quality of sleep, and more.  

While most bands are able to perform the same type of functions, differences do exist, including battery life, display capabilities, and price.

The chart below shows the some of the similarities and differences of a few of the more popular fitness trackers:

Although the capabilities of these fitness bands are impressive, these bands have been unable to track things like calories consumed. Apps like MyFitnessPal allow for manual calorie consumption entries, but automatic tracking of calories has been virtually unavailable.

However, a new product is now on the market, called GoBe, created by a company called HealBe. This tracker not only has many of the capabilities that other trackers on the market have, but is also able to track calories consumed from food and drink.  It is able to measure calorie intake through the skin, with a sensor designed to measure glucose levels. This will allow the wearer to easily and effortlessly see calories consumed and calories burned, making fitness goals even easier to attain.

Of course, the GoBe band also has its challenges. Charge length is a bit of a problem, as the band said to hold a charge for two days or less (this compared to the Garmin, which can hold a charge for a year or more). Another issue is the unit’s sensors, which are very sensitive, and need to be cleaned often - especially after physical activity. The band is also unable to track the intake of pure water, as water does not have any calories to measure.

Still, the GoBe band is proof of the high level of technological advancement in fitness trackers. It is easy to imagine this technology leading to further advances – perhaps diabetics will soon be able to measure blood glucose levels without extracting blood.

To learn more about the GoBe band, check out HealBe’s website:

To learn more about other fitness bands, check out this helpful article:

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