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Trucker Ned - One Push Broom

Posted on 05/17/2016 at 09:08 AM by Dena Boelter

Nothing like trucking and the associated life on the road can allow one to experience independence, adventure and funny stuff. And occasionally, something that makes no sense.

Spend enough years on the road and your "seen it all" list will grow longer than you ever imagined.

Many years ago, I spent most of my work weeks hauling and tailgating appliances, windows, and doors. Mostly in Michigan, Ontario, Ohio and Pennsylvania. I got to Chicago only a few times a year. When I did, I usually picked up LTL around Chicago and hauled it back to a customer in Iowa. Then my company hired a local Chicago pick-up and delivery company to collect the freight and we would pick it up from that company’s dock. On one such trip, I was directed to make a pick up at a large industrial supply warehouse in Chicago, then head to the P&D company dock and grab whatever they had.

At the supply warehouse, the driver would check in, then a dock worker would escort the driver into the huge staging area and among the pallets and pallets of goods, they would find your shipment and have you verify against the paperwork. The dock worker and I wandered through the maze of pallets and he stopped by a pallet that had on it, a single push broom. “Here’s your shipment” he said. "That?? One broom?" I asked. "Yes, that is all they ordered". So, I signed the paperwork and carried out the broom, never even backing into a dock. Outside, I placed the broom in my trailer, either a 45 or 48 foot dry van. This was years before 53 foot trailers.

I departed the warehouse and headed out to the P&D dock in St. Charles. I arrived there and was told the trucks had run late and they would have nothing until the following night. I contacted my dispatcher and he told me to head back to the Iowa terminal. "What? I have just one push broom," I said. "Yes, head back". So I did. I delivered that push broom, never knowing if I completed delivery of a record high priced broom or a record low revenue load. Well, that is trucking. Enjoy the ride!









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