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Trucking is the Frosting on Cupcake's Cupcake

Posted on 03/17/2016 at 10:52 AM by Dena Boelter

Interview with Driver Logan Callahan (Cupcake), Truck 1403



Q: Why did you choose to go into trucking?

A: I love to travel and just driving in itself. I’ve always had a fascination with big things; trucks, airplanes, etc. So I decided to drive a truck. Your perception of things in a large truck - whether looking up at it from the ground or you are in the seat looking down - changes everything and the way you view life. It’s also a really stable profession with good money to be made, and good benefits. It seemed like a “no brainer”.


Q: Did you go to driving school before you started out here at Hummer?

A: I did, I went to 160 Driving Academy in Illinois


Q: What made you choose Hummer specifically?

A: I had looked online for a very long time and done research on all these different companies. I looked through reviews, forums, websites - you name it I did it. The one thing that stood out about Hummer is that I could not find one bad review. It was close to home and had everything to offer that was important to me.


Q: Why do you choose to stay with us?

A:Honestly? For me, it’s the people. We really are like a family here. I love that I can come in and sit down after a long trip and just talk and you guys make it feel like we’ve know each other for years. I can walk in to the building and go anywhere and every time I do the vibe is just incredibly welcoming. I love it.


Q: What type of things did you do before you became a truck driver?

A: I worked at my local YMCA for a long time, and I was also a golf professional.


Q: What hobbies do you have when you get hometime?

A: Playing Golf! And hanging out with my girlfriend of 3 ½ years, Jamie!


Q: What do you enjoy about the industry?

A: I have lots of fun! I really enjoy seeing the country. It’s really rewarding to know that everything we own as human beings, was delivered by people like myself. I take great pride in knowing that.


Q: Do you have any advice for those looking to get into trucking?

A: Absolutely! Do your research! Check out companies thoroughly before making a move. Also, prepare yourself mentally. This is not a job for those who do not like to be alone. It can be a real wake-up call when you get out there and realize how disconnected from the world you feel and how lonely the job can be. It is also important to remember that every decision you make out there on the road can be a life or death decision. You have to remain patient, professional, safe, and always remember the families that are out there driving on the road with you.




Interview by Andrea Prymek, Recruiter


This young Man has the right attitude about trucking!! Wish he could be cloned and mass produced, unfortunately there are many that do not carry the same attitude and respect for the job!
Vickie Wing | 01/20/2017 at 03:04 AM
It's really good to when someone appreciates and enjoys what he is doing. Your management must be so proud of you. When you do something you should always put your heart on it. It makes everything easy and your work will be paid off. You are an inspiration to others. A truck driver role model.
A-1 Freight System | | 01/20/2017 at 03:04 AM
It's great to know that somebody gives importance with the trucking services. Seeing theirselves growing old with it is something that a company should look for its employees. Having a passion in what you are doing is a great factor. Your something to look up to.
CST Financial | | 01/20/2017 at 03:04 AM
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