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Springing Forward

Posted on 03/14/2016 at 09:36 AM by Dena Boelter

Daylight Saving Time began yesterday, March 13th. With it, Daylight Savings Time brings longer days, warmer weather, and the start of spring.

Some fun facts about DST:

  • Not all countries observe DST.Others do, but start on a different date than the U.S.Daylight Saving Time won’t start in Australia until October 2nd!

  • Ancient Rome handled the longer days of summer in a different fashion than we do in modern times.In Rome, daylight was divided into twelve hours, no matter what time of year it was.So in winter, a Roman “hour” could be as short as 44 minutes, but in summer, it could be as long as 75 minutes.Can you imagine trying to keep driver logs like that?

  • The modern concept of DST was first proposed by George Hudson, an entomologist from New Zealand, possibly so he would have more daylight hours after work to go out and collect bugs.In London, William Willett made a similar proposal in 1905, in part because he disliked having his golf game cut short at sundown.

  • In the U.S., the rules for when DST starts and ends changed in 2007, which required updates for many computer operating systems and programs, particularly calendar programs.Some older machines, like pre-2007 VCRs (remember VCRs?) could not be reprogrammed, so owners had to remember to change the time manually when DST started – and then change it again after the VCR automatically changed the time on the old DST schedule.

  • The change to and from DST is a good reminder to change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Although studies have shown that there is an overall decrease in traffic accidents while DST is in effect, there is some evidence that the sleep disruption caused by the change to DST may cause more traffic accidents in the days immediately following the switch.  So keep an eye out for your fellow drivers, and make sure you don’t drive when you’re tired!


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