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Winter is Coming!

Posted on 10/15/2015 at 11:26 AM by Dena Boelter


Hi out there. Ol Ned here.

It is now official. After all my years on the fence, I must declare that fall is my favorite season. Heat and humidity may be good for crops and gardens, but they are not good for me. I enjoy the relief of cooler temps and the start of college football season.

For professional drivers, fall is the time to get yourself and your truck ready for winter. Make sure you have tire chains and know how to use them. Spread them out and make sure no links are broken. When the time comes to use them that is not the time to find out they are broken. I know, you may be saying, “if chains are needed, I am pulling over”. And that is fine. I, though, have used chains to get out of an unplowed parking lot or dock more than once. Good tire chains work!

This is also the time to make sure you have warm clothes and emergency supplies in the truck. Boots, coveralls, water and non-perishable food. It is also a good time to change flashlight batteries. Make sure you have an ice scraper. Other things you might want to carry would be a bag of salt, kitty litter, sand or some other abrasive bagged product. Good gloves are a must and hand warmers can be good too. I carry multiple pairs of gloves so I always have a dry pair. Extra blankets are good too, just in case your end up stranded in a truck that will not run. Also check with the guys in the shop and make sure you have winter grade washer fluid with you. The summer stuff can freeze at 32 degrees.

Good trips are the result of good planning and winter just offers a few extra twists to prepare for. As long as you are prepared and leave yourself plenty of travel time. I am sure I forgot a few things and do not profess to know it all, so your suggestions are welcome too.


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