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Don't Be In a Hurry

Posted on October 13, 2015 at 4:27 PM by Blog Committee

Whether it is a fixed object, stationary object, or backing crash, crashes are often caused by driver inattention or being in a hurry.

Despite the slow speeds in parking lots, the size and weight of a truck can cause significant damage to anything it hits. It’s estimated that forward-moving fixed and stationary object accidents account for 30% or more of our total annual collisions.

The best approach to avoiding fixed and stationary object collisions is to:
• Approach slowly.
• Scan the area you are approaching, which includes looking up.
Get Out And Look: It’s not just for backing.

At these low speeds it is easy to stop, activate the 4-way emergency flashers, and get out for a visual inspection of the area before making a tight maneuver or backing into a parking spot or dock.

Backing crashes

Backing accidents with a fixed or stationary objects are always considered 100% preventable. Most backing accidents will occur within the immediate area of a parking lots or docks.

While we classify backing accidents separately from fixed/stationary object collisions, they can involve fixed or stationary objects, such as:
• Other vehicles, especially passenger vehicles.
• Narrow objects, such as poles, that can be difficult to see.
• Low-clearance awnings.

The best defense is training.  When backing up is necessary, drivers must be aware of their surroundings and know what is behind them. Remember to apply the GOALden rule of backing: “Get Out And Look” and don’t let anyone or anything make you hurry.  If you feel rushed, remember that you will finish faster if you get it right the first time. Nothing slows a driver down more than hitting a pole, car, or building.  


Submitted by Greg Edwards, Safety & Training Manager


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