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Absolutely Breathtaking!

Posted on 08/27/2015 at 12:28 PM by Troy Cummings

I have put on a few driving miles in my lifetime, but majority of those miles have been in 3 states.  I have flown to several cities in the U.S., but had never actually driven west of Des Moines, IA., until my recent trip to Glacier National Park, MT. 

We started our adventure on a very early Sunday morning from Minneapolis, MN.  Our goal was to make Great Falls, MT. Sunday night.  I was excited, but not for the first part of the trip.  I had traveled I-94 many times in my college days from Minneapolis, MN to Fargo, ND, so I know that stretch extremely well.   Seeing the oil pumps, was about the only highlight for me in ND, so I couldn’t wait to get to Montana.  I have heard from so many people that Montana was a beautiful state.  We stopped in Glendive, MT for gas because we were going to get on Highway 200 and towns were going to be far and few between.  The funny thing was I actually asked at the gas station where the nearest fast food restaurant was.  The lady looked at me and said, “About 100 miles west of here” My face must have looked shocked because she then said to me “You are in the middle of nowhere!” Roller Dogs for lunch it was! 

I was quite disappointed after being on Highway 200 for what felt like a lifetime and still not seeing one single mountain.  Cows, cattle trucks, and pastures were the scenery for miles.  I did learn one important lesson.  When you are going to pass a cattle truck, make sure they don’t hit a bump in the road as you are passing them!  Yuck!  We made it to Great Falls, MT., washed the vehicle, spent the night and early the next morning finally only a couple of hours to Glacier National Park!

Many Glacier was our goal.  We made it!  We set out on our 10 mile hike on the Iceberg Lake Trail.  I could not believe how absolutely beautiful this place was.  We were very early in the season, and were told the trail was clear and we would only hit a “little bit of snow”.  About 3 miles into the hike we had already seen clear trails, waterfalls, and wild life galore (no bears, thank goodness!)  I just couldn’t believe how beautiful and peaceful Many Glacier was.  I wanted to take pictures every step of the hike!  Then we hit the snow.  We were about 4 miles into the hike and the snow was still packed on the mountain.  We decided we were so close to the lake, we had to push on.  No snowshoes and several feet of snow, we pushed on.  While trudging through the snow my heart felt like it was going to explode and I kept saying, “This better be worth it!” 

Finally we plowed our way around the corner and there it was beautiful, pristine, and yes frozen iceberg lake! Even though it was frozen, it was still absolutely beautiful!  So still, so quiet, so peaceful, so absolutely breathtaking!  I have never been to a place so untouched and so natural.  It truly is the most beautiful place I have ever been!  If you haven’t been to Glacier National Park, I highly recommend it.  There is nothing that I have seen that comes close to how beautiful it truly is!

With all of your travels that you have taken, where it the most beautiful place you have ever been?  


Submitted by Angie Walter, 

Fuel Analyst, Don Hummer Trucking


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