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Free Phone Apps to Make Life on the Road a Little Easier

Posted on 06/19/2015 at 11:34 AM by Troy Cummings

When I was younger, computers were not as accessible as they are today.  I was a 6th grader the first time I had come into contact with an actual computer.  It was an Apple II with the game “Oregon Trail”. Once every 2 weeks our class would walk down the hall to the school library where we would all take turns playing “Oregon Trail” on the 5 computers the school had available. It was so exciting!  Cell phones were not heard of at that time.  The first time I recall seeing a cell phone was on the T.V. show Miami Vice.  I know, I just completely dated myself, but it is amazing how much technology has advanced in such a short time!

With the advancement in smartphones, we have so much information available to us, that it can be difficult and frustrating to find no cost apps that could help make life a little easier.  I did a little research and I talked with some of our drivers to find no cost apps that you may find helpful along your journeys.

When talking with Cody Rackow, I learned about the app “TRUCKERPATH”.  Cody uses this app often and finds it extremely helpful.  It lists Truck Stops, Rest Areas, Walmart, Weigh Station locations and their status, and much more.

“IEXIT” is another helpful free app to use when you are out on the road.  IEXIT will let you see what is available at the next 100 exits.  It also allows you to search for a business name or an amenity.

“The Weather Channel” a free app that is extremely helpful.  You can look at radar maps, weather conditions, and weather alerts when planning your trips to know what to expect ahead.!

What are you favorite phone apps?  Which phone apps do you find most helpful out on the road?  

Submitted by Angie Schultz


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