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Road Trip with Chris Hummer

Posted on June 3, 2015 at 11:00 AM by Blog Committee

This week Don Hummer Trucking's President, Chris Hummer is on a trip making deliveries in the eastern United States and midwest.  Below are some photos from his journey.  If you see 1645 in Pennsylvania today be sure to say hello.

Just a few observations:

  1. Truck and trailer are clean and look great!  Chris must have used our truck wash program
  2. Good thing that he weighed after loading using the "weigh my truck" app - looks like the trailer was close to 34K!  
  3. That is some impressive backing after arriving at Weis in Milton, PA
  4. Chris even used split sleeper to make his delivery on time.  Chris observed that using elogs are making him a better planner!  
  5. Chris is earning .10 more per mile on our DIME program because he is traveling the east coast.  

More to come on Chris' trip in the coming days and in the safety meetings being held at the end of the month!


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