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What Are You Doing to Change the Future?

Posted on 05/27/2015 at 10:06 AM by Dena Boelter

What are you doing to change the future?  I know we talk a lot about training and education, but what are you personally doing to improve the skill sets of the next generation?

This week the shop had a training session put on by International Truck.  Also there to talk about their components were Eaton, Roadranger Transmissions, Allison Transmissions, and Cummins representatives. The shop staff has to stay current with new technology to keep everything on the road.   In addition to this educational session, we have “old school” lessons going on as well, as pictured here with Pedro passing his knowledge of rebuilding a trailer suspension on to Joe. Pedro knows that if he fixes trailers that’s good but if he builds into the lives and skills of others that’s great and is something that will last.  That is something that will improve that safety and operation of equipment long after he’s retired.

So again, I’ll ask, what are you doing to make a lasting impact on our industry? And what could you do?


Submitted by Mike McDonald

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