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Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Posted on 05/10/2015 at 02:20 PM by Dena Boelter

This week we did multiple blog posts celebrating ladies in trucking and ladies who support truckers.  This is our final post in this series taken from an interview with Candida Ziehr, fiance of Don Hummer Trucking driver, Marcus Deree:

Andrea:  How did you meet?

Candida:  Marcus and I met 3 ½ years ago when a mutual friend of ours suggested that he come over and talk with me because my grandmother had just passed away.  Marcus was a funeral director.  We feel in love at first sight.  We are now engaged.


Andrea:  Tell me about your upcoming wedding?

Candida:  We are have a small friend and family outdoor wedding in July, next to a beautiful Lake in Waterloo.  I am very excited to marry the man of my dreams and makes all my wishes come true.  I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him and our children.


Andrea:  So tell me the pros and cons of being a driver's soon-to-be wife?

Candida:  One of the positive aspects is that he provides for our family and every time he comes home he brings me small gifts. Also, I get my alone time to work in the garden and my art work.  I also get to make him some home cooked food to take with him when he is on the road.  One of the negatives is that we don’t get to spend as much time together as we want, also I have to do more stuff around the house that he would normal do (mow the lawn, kill the spiders, and take the trash LOL), I don’t get to cook at home for him as much as I would like.


Andrea:  How do you cope with him being gone?  How do you keep in contact and keep your love strong?

Candida:  I cope by calling my mom and cleaning the house a lot, we keep in contact by phone and when he has an internet connection we try to skype. To keep our love strong, we make sure that every night we talk and tell each other that we love the other and sweet dream.   He also makes sure to give me lots of kisses on the phone.  We also try not to go to bed upset at the other. I know that his job is stressful so I also try not to stress him out with anything from home.

Submitted by Candida Ziehr and Andrea Prymek

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