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Drivers – Check Your EFS Checks!

Posted on April 29, 2015 at 1:59 PM by Troy Cummings

As you probably know, there are several different styles of EFS/TCH checks out there.  Each check corresponds to a different EFS account.  EFS has notified us that as of May 15, 2015, they are converting all of their accounts to one account.  This means that as of that date, only the gray EFS checks with the red printing will be usable with our EFS account.

If you pick up your EFS checks from the Don Hummer Trucking corporate or safety offices, you will be guaranteed to get the right style of checks because we only have the good checks on hand.  However, if you run out of checks and need to use a check provided by a truck stop, repair shop, or lumper service, please verify that you are using a check like the one above.  If you try to use any other style of check, it will not work.

For your reference, here are pictures of the checks that will not work:

(The yellow or tan EFS Transchecks have never worked with Don Hummer Trucking’s EFS account.)

(The blue TCH checks used to work with our EFS account, but as of May 15th, these checks will no longer be accepted.)

If you have any of the blue TCH checks in your truck, throw them away or shred them on May 15th.  Again, if you picked up your checks from our offices, you’ve got the right checks; but if you’ve picked up any checks out on the road, please verify right away that you only have the gray checks with red printing.

Thank you and stay safe!

Submitted by Jennifer Casebolt




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