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Understand Payroll Dates

Posted on 03/25/2015 at 03:02 PM by Dena Boelter

Since our change to weekly payroll at the beginning of January, there has been a lot of confusion about when drivers’ loads are paid out.  There is a payroll schedule in the Driver Resources section of our website, but here is a quick summary that might help clear up some of the confusion.

As before, the payroll period starts on Sunday morning and ends Saturday night.  The payroll periods are only one week long now, instead of two, but the Sunday-Saturday part has not changed.  All movements that DELIVER between Sunday morning and Saturday night are considered to be in the same payroll period.  When you finish a Sunday-Saturday week, you will be paid for those miles on the second Friday after the end of the week.

It may help to think of it like this:

You’re driving this week.  These miles will be paid, not this Friday (because the payroll period’s not over yet), not next Friday (because we’re still processing payroll), but the FRIDAY AFTER NEXT.


It’s Friday and there’s a direct deposit in your account.  That is your pay for, not last week, but the WEEK BEFORE LAST.

And if it helps to visualize the pay periods on an actual calendar:

The pay date highlighted in green corresponds to the week highlighted in green, and the pay date in pink corresponds to the week in pink.

We recommend printing out or saving the payroll schedule so you can refer to it if you have any questions about when your movements will be paid.  If your pay seems different from what you were expecting, it might just be that you’re thinking you’re getting paid for a different week than what was scheduled to pay out that day.

If you have questions, please feel free to call Tracy in Payroll at 319-828-2266 or email her at

Drive safe!


Contributed by Jennifer Casebolt, Accounting


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