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Driver Wellness Success Story

Posted on 03/06/2015 at 10:33 AM by Dena Boelter

Leroy McCall has been a life-long professional driver.  He recently made some distinct changes in his lifestyle that has brought about drastic results in his health and wellness. These are all things that he shared as tips that he has learned on his journey:

  • Invested $12 in resistance bands that he uses while he sits in his bunk and watches TV.
  • Uses a pedal master while watching TV or reading.
  • Sit on a five-gallon bucket near the drive tire and place your feet under the tire and do stomach crunches while waiting at customer locations or during 10 hour breaks.
  • Walk whenever possible.
  • Stock truck with oatmeal packets for meals or snacks.
  • No fast food or fried foods.
  • When at home, cook extra and freeze in individual containers.  When leaving for the week, put items in the truck refrigerator and prepare during the week. 
  • Eat 6xs per day.
  • Eat nothing after 8:00PM.
  • Make lifestyle decisions for yourself and not anyone else! 

These tips have helped Leroy lose 90 pounds and reduce 13 inches from his waistline.  His previous diagnosis of high blood pressure and pre-diabetic symptoms are completely gone.   Thanks for the inspiration, Leroy!  If you would like to contact Leroy directly he can be reached via email at RLM1209@LIVE.COM.  






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