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Hat's Off to Cody Rackow

Posted on 01/23/2015 at 12:58 PM by Troy Cummings


Kudos to driver Cody Rackow for helping us catch an accidental overcharge on two scale transactions yesterday!  Cody had a load that required multiple reweighs, and he started having trouble using his EFS card to pay for the reweighs.  It turned out that instead of charging us $2 on reweighs, the cashier accidentally charged us the full price of $10.50 for the first two reweighs.  This caused Cody to go over his $35/day scale limit on his card when he tried to weigh later at another location.  We were able to override the limit on Cody’s card to help him complete the transaction, and then Cody brought in the scale tickets and cashier’s receipts so we could contact CAT for a refund.

When paying for a scale, please remember to compare the amount on the scale ticket to the amount of the cashier’s receipt to make sure they are the same.  In Cody’s case, the scale tickets showed $2 for the reweighs, but the cashier’s tickets showed $10.50, the amount that was actually charged to his card.

It’s easier to fix mistakes like these if they are caught while you’re still at the fuel desk; but if this happens, please contact Payroll to let us know.  We will watch that day’s scale transactions to make sure the amount comes through correctly.

Thanks also to Heather DeBaillie and Rick Wachal from CAT Scale Company for your assistance in fixing the overcharge.  Your quick response is greatly appreciated!

Contributed by Jen Casebolt




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