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Road Rage Checklist: Assess Your Own Range of Hostility

Posted on 01/21/2015 at 10:20 AM by Dena Boelter


The following twenty steps are arranged along a continuum of escalating degrees of hostility, beginning with relatively milder forms of aggressiveness (step 1) and going all the way to extreme violence (step 20). How far down the uncivilized path do you allow yourself to go? The majority of drivers tested go as far as step 13. 

1. Mentally condemning another driver 
2. Verbally denigrating another driver to passengers in your vehicle 
3. Closing ranks to deny someone entry into your lane because you're frustrated or upset 
4. Giving another driver the "stink eye" to show your disapproval 
5. Speeding past another car or revving the engine as a sign of protest 
6. Preventing another driver from passing because you're mad 
7. Tailgating to pressure a driver to go faster or get out of the way 
8. Fantasizing physical violence against another driver 
9. Honking or yelling at someone through the window to indicate displeasure 
10. Making a visible obscene gesture at another driver 
11. Using your car to retaliate by making sudden, threatening maneuvers 
12. Pursuing another car because of a provocation or insult 

13. Getting out of the car and engaging in a verbal dispute on a street or parking lot 
14. Carrying a weapon in the car in case you decide to use it in a driving incident 
15. Deliberately bumping or ramming another car in anger 
16. Trying to run another car off the road to punish the driver 
17. Getting out of the car and beating or battering someone as a result of a road exchange 
18. Trying to run someone down whose actions angered you 
19. Shooting at another car 
20. Killing someone
How far down did you go on the continuum? The checklist is divided into five equal zones of intensity of aggressiveness.
Unfriendly Zone: Items 1 to 3 -- mental and verbal acts of unkindness toward other drivers
Hostile Zone: Items 4 to 7 -- visibly communicating displeasure or resentment with the desire to punish or retaliate
Violent Zone: Items 8 to 11 -- carrying out an act of hostility either in fantasy or in deed
Lesser Mayhem Zone: Items 12 to 16 -- epic road rage contained within personal limits
Major Mayhem Zone: Items 17 to 20 -- unrestrained epic road rage; the stuff of violent media headlines.


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