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The Hummer family knows trucking.

Hummer has been a trusted name in freight transportation for more than 70 years. Buck Hummer hauled livestock for family farms, packing plants, and auctions throughout the Midwest. His son Don Hummer learned the trucking business from his father before establishing his own trucking company in 1975. Don Hummer Trucking Corporation was incorporated in 1982, and today both of Don’s sons are actively involved in business operations and continuing to build upon the Hummer name.

Trucks in the original Don Hummer Trucking fleet.

Don started out by leasing his trucks to larger carriers. After obtaining his own operating authority in 1987, he continued to build his trucking fleet by acquiring a series of smaller trucking operations. Don Hummer Trucking developed a reputation for quality service, and created a company culture that professional truck drivers and their families could call home.

The Hummer legacy continues with Don’s sons Chris and Andrew. Chris, Don’s oldest son, worked in several positions throughout the company, including driver and mechanic, prior to attending the University of Cincinnati. After graduating in 2005, Chris returned to lead the Operations Department. He was named Vice President in 2009 and President in 2015.

Don’s younger son Andrew joined the company in 2013 after seven years in various logistics and account management roles with one of the trucking industry’s largest carriers. Today Andrew is Hummer’s Director of Customer Service & Sales. 

Don and Chris are both current CDL holders, and they go out on the road throughout the year to deliver loads.

Don Hummer Trucking continues to be a trusted transportation partner to many of the largest shippers in the country. Hummer is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with terminal operations in Homestead, Iowa.

A map of Don Hummer Trucking's operations area.

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