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Freight Characteristics

Who are the major shippers? 

Our major shippers are:  Hormel Foods, Quaker/PepsiCo, Hon/Allsteel, Nestle Purina Pet Care, and ConAgra Foods along with many others.  Our freight is driver friendly.

What is the percentage of no-touch freight?

Our freight is 100% driver no-touch unless you are on a dedicated account that may require driver assist. If driver assist is required only dedicated drivers will be dispatched on those loads.

What is the average length of haul?

Our average length of haul is more than 750 miles.

What are the heaviest freight lanes?

We are a 48 state carrier and our primary lanes out of the Midwest are: PA, NJ, OH, NY, UT, IN, TX, GA, CA and the Northeast.  We do not operate in New York City.

What is the percentage of multi-stop loads?

We haul very little multi-stop freight, multi stop freight is more likely dedicated accounts.

Do you have dedicated runs?

We do not have dedicated runs, but there are some drivers who will run primarily for one account. Dedicated accounts may require more multi stop loads and can be driver assist.

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